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Whole wheat Bird Bread

There's no bird in this bread 😁. Its just bread shaped like a bird.. I came across this beautiful bread in some FB group and have been wanting to try these for the longest time. These birds are pretty simple to bake, and like any bread recipe, you need to get the bread dough right.

Aren't these the cutest? Really, you might so fall in love with these that you might refuse to eat them! Mine's still packed and tucked away in the refrigerator!! Well, "Tiny" was so excited, she lingered around the kitchen the whole time the bread was baking and ate one as soon as it came out of the oven. The outside is crispy and golden and the inside is soft and mildly sweet. Like all my other bakes, this too is free of refined flour (APF/maida) and refined sugar.

Yields 6 birds

Measuring cup used - standard 1 cup = 240 ml


Whole wheat flour 1.5 cups

Mixture of water and milk 1/2 cup (1/4th cup each)

Salt 1/2 tsp

Unrefined/brown/cane sugar 2 tbsp

Yeast 1 tsp

Flavorless oil 2 tbsp

Chocolate chips for eyes

Butter to smear on baked bread rolls


In a large bowl, add 1/4th cups each of water and milk. Add sugar and yeast and mix well. Let this mixture stand till the yeast activates (you should be able to see frothy bubbles on top of the mixture. To this mixture, add flour, salt and oil and mix well till a shaggy dough is formed. The dough will be wet, but will get better with 10-15 minutes of kneading. Transfer the kneaded dough to a well oiled large bowl for the first raise. Depending on your climate and the temperature, this can take anywhere between 45 minutes to an hour.

Once the dough double sin size, punch out the air and knead it for 5 more minutes. Now, divide the dough into 6 equal sized balls and shape them as below

Once you have shaped the bird, using the blunt side of the knife, indent the tail part of the bird. Using a toothpick or a pointy knife, poke tiny holes for eyes and stick chocolate chips. Arrange them on your baking tray and cover it with a kitchen towel for the second raise.

In the meantime, pre-heat your oven at 180 degree celsius for at least 10 minutes. Once the rolls are plump (this will take around 30-40 minutes), stick them in the pre-heated oven and bake at 180 degrees for 25-30 minutes till the outside turns beautifully golden. Let it stay in the oven for 10-15 more minutes and once out, rub it with some butter for a beautiful sheen. Cool it outside on a cooling rack.

Let the rolls rest for at least 1 hour before consuming..

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