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Ukkarisida Akki Rotti (Rice flour flatbread)

Updated: Aug 16, 2020

This is one of the two variants of Akki Rotti found in Karnataka. A healthy gluten-free flatbread recipe that uses zero oil! This is commonly eaten with coconut chutney, mango rasayana (sweet mango dip) and saagu (mixed vegetable medley).

Cup measurement used – standard 1 cup = 240 ml

Yields 8-10 rottis


Rice flour 1 cup

Hot water 1 cup

Salt 1 cup

Extra rice flour for dusting


Add salt to water and bring it to a boil. Mix 3/4th cup of water with 1 cup rice flour (no need to knead the mixture at this point. Just bring the water and flour together) and keep it closed for 10 minutes.

Once the dough mixture is warm enough knead it thoroughly for at least 10 minutes. Add a tablespoon or two of water, if required. The more you knead, the softer the rottis will be. Initially the dough will be sticky, but becomes workable soon. If needed, add 1-2 tablespoons of rice flour. Ensure the dough is neither too hard (the rottis will become dry and hard) nor too soft (dough will crack while rolling).

Pinch out an ice-cream scoop sized dough and dust your rolling space with rice flour. Roll the dough as thin as possible.

Transfer it on medium hot tawa and once you see bubbles appearing, flip the rotti, dip a clean piece of cloth in water, squeeze out the water and pat the rotti gently and carefully.

Repeat the same on both the sides till the rotti gets completely cooked (you should be able to see beautiful golden spots appearing).

Serve it hot with a dollop of butter, coconut chutney, mango rasayana (sweet mango dip) and saagu (mixed vegetable medley).

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