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Jackfruit Mulka (Jackfruit and rice fritters)

Feels good to be back blogging after a rather long break! Today's recipe is an all time favorite of Karavali/Malnad folks. With jackfruit season waiting to arrive soon, no better time to try it out..

Though fritters are usually associated with savory taste, sweet fritters are not all that uncommon in south Indian cuisine - pazhampori (banana fritters) is a famous example. Similarly, mulka too is deep fried fruit fritter that is mildly sweet in taste. Read on to find out how to prepare this delicacy..

Measuring cup used - standard 1 cup = 240 ml

Serves 4


Ripe jackfruit 2 cups

Raw rice 1 cup

Grated fresh coconut 1/2 cup

Jaggery 1/3 - 1/2 cup

A pinch of salt

A pod of cardamom (optional)

Coconut/vegetable oil for deep frying


Soak rice in water for at least 2 hours. Drain all the water and transfer it to a mixer jar along with jackfruit (to aid the grinding process, cut the fruit into smaller pieces), grated coconut and jaggery. Grind them into a medium coarse paste without adding any water. The batter should have a thick dropping consistency so as to avoid the fritters from soaking up too much oil. In case the batter is a little runny, add a few tablespoons of rice flour or suji.

Now in a wok, heat oil (I used sunflower oil and added a few tablespoons of coconut oil to it to give the mulka its authentic taste) and drop the batter slowly using a spoon. Fry them on medium flame, turning the mulkas occasionally. Remove them from oil once they are nice dark golden brown in colour. Repeat the batter with the rest of the batter. Serve it hot or warm with spicy coconut chutney or any other dip of your choice.

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