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Black Rice Buddha Bowl

You will not believe the amount of flavor black rice packs, unless you have tasted it. It tastes absolutely heavenly to eat without any accompaniments. That is what inspired me to create a simple Buddha bowl where the true taste of rice can be celebrated.

The best thing about Buddha bowl is that it customizable in hundred different ways and you can alter the taste to your preference. Just remember to include all the elements - a portion of vegetarian protein, a portion of carb, a whole lot of greens and veggies and seasoning/sauce of choice.

Since there's no recipe as such to my Buddha bowl, below are the elements:

Black rice (Carb): can be replaced with white rice, brown rice, quinoa, noodles or pasta

Spiced chickpeas (Protein): can be replaced with tofu, paneer or beans of choice

Greens and veggies: can include tomatoes, broccoli, carrots, peas, corn, cucumber, or any seasonal veggies and greens available. Just pressure bake the veggies with a bit of salt.

Seasoning and sauces: I have only used salt and pepper to season the veggies. Rice was tossed in a bit of dark soy sauce. Squeeze lemon on the greens to get a zing. Alternatively you may use salad dressings of your choice.

This is a balanced meal bowl that leaves you feeling happy!

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